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Volunteers Wanted
The Fire Fighters Charity

Exfire is aimed mainly at anyone who has served or worked as a firefighter or support staff for any Fire Service in the world and have hung up their kit and retired.

Fire Related News

The latest news headlines from around the world with a link to each story,From various media sources including the BBC web site The majority of the news items are related to the fire service


Job Vacancies

Looking for work? Visit our job section, we may have just the job for you.  

Are you an employee looking for staff with the special skills that firefighters have?

Advertise where you can reach people with these special qualities.




Looking for a holiday at home or abroad ?  Do you have a holiday home for rent (long or short term)? would you like to advertise on exfire contact us.


Forthcoming events such as fire service retirements, seminars, station open days etc. or simply any notices that you want to bring to the attention of serving or retired firefighters  anywhere in the world.  




Videos from yesteryear, featuring turnouts and fires

Volunteers Wanted



Are you free to volunteer to help charities?  Charities looking for people with time to spare.


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Terms & Conditions

Lost Friends

Have you lost contact with old friends or colleagues from the Fire Service, submit the details on our lost friends section.




In remembrance of former Fire & Rescue Service Personnel.  If you wish any deceased firefighters details to be included please complete the form on the obituaries page.


Adams, John


Anderson, John
Any 3/4 Squad 1970s

Any Ex Surrey Fire

Any Hendon G24

Any-one, Bournemouth

Appelby, Billy

Arnold, Michael Patrick

Arscott, Mike

Atherley, Alan Roy

Attwood, Mark

Auxilliary Fire Service Liverpool

B22 Lambeth


Bayless Glen

Barker, Colin

Barrett, Thomas

Barrocca, Antonio Pinto

Beaver, Bob

Betts, James Joseph

Bell, Charles

Bird, Richard
Black, John

Blacketter, David

Bow Fire Station

Bowkes, Peter

Briscoe, Brian

Bristow, Jack

Britton, Bob

Bruce, Paul
Bryan, Robert

Buckerfield, Bob

Bull, Chris

Burrows, Tony

Capenhurst, Arthur Charles

Carruthers,  William (Bill)

Carter, Dave

Cash, Neil
Chapman, William

Cheetham, Billy
Childs, Richard

Chingernelly, Mickey

Clark, Ray

Clarke, John (Nobby)

Cobb, Alan

Connor, John

Cooke, Steve

Crimmons, Donnie


Danilly, Patricia


Davies, Richard

Deacon, Russell

Denny, John

Dobbs, Roy

Dorking Fire Station

Douglas, David

Downing, Dick

Downing, Dick  

Drydon, Tony

Duff, Anthony

Duff, Brian John

Durand, Bob

Durand, Robert

East, Mike

Edgeworth, Colin

Edmunds, Melvyn

Edwards, Eddy

Edwards, Michael

Edwards, Mick

Edwards, Stephen

Entwistle, Donald

Mc Evoy, Patrick

Ferns Christopher

Fletcher, Stanley

Fox, Edward

Franks, Bob

Fred ??

French, Rod 'froggy'

Frost, Barry

Gardiner, Reg  (digger)

Gardner, Ron

Gardner, Dick

Garson, Mr. Arnold

Giddings, Ronald James

Gill, Mick

Gordon ?

Grant, Duncan

Green, Robert

Greenhalgh, Neville

Greenhill, Dave

Grosvenor Richard

Gwent Fire Brigade

Hale, John

Hall, Anthony

Hall, Christopher

Hanbrook, Bob

Harney, Gary

Harries, William Rawlings

Harris, John R

Harris, Tom

Harrison, Kenneth

Harry, Robert

Hatton, Keith

Hawkes, Ron

Hayes, Gary  Ex-RN

Haynes, John

Haynes, Richard

Hendrie, Tom

Hextall, Anthony

Hill, Peter

Hillier, Ken

Hills, Ronald  

Hocking, Alan

Hodson, Michael

House Frederick

House, Les

Hughes, Arthur

Hull, Mick

Hyland, Pete

Irwin, Ronald

Ives, Michael Frederick

Johnston, Graham

Jones, Andy

Jones, Colin

Jones, Peter David

Jones Robert

Jones, Ron

Keenan, Mick

Khan, Inayat Ali

King, Charles

King, Martin Paul

King, Ray

Laven, Tony

Lee, Frederick & David

Lee, John

Leftley, Kevin

Leslie, David

Lewis, Alan (Luigi)

Lewis, Dave

Linnet, Merrick

Lloyd, Phil

Lovett, Douglas

Lyon, Rick

Lyon, William

Machin, Dennis

Martin, Ron

Mcartney, Philip

Mcdougal, John

Mc Evoy, Patrick

Miller, Ronald


Mitchell, William

Mooney, Ray

Morgan, Gareth

Morrison, Robert (Bob)

Moss, Gary

Napton, Philip

Neill, Tony

Neville, Ian

Nicholls, Jock

Norton, Fireman L

Ocklefield, Barry

Odell, Clive

O’Keefe, Michael

O'Neill, Patrick

O’Rourke, John

Owens, David

Packer, Ian

Palmer, Mike


Pinkney, John

Potter, John Thomas

Proud, Henry (Bob?)

Purr, Alan


Randall, Brian

Riley, Alan B

Roach, Stephen

Rouse, Clive


Ruff, Stuart

Salmon, Ken

Samson, Paul

Saunders, John

Sawyer, Thom

Sawyer, Tom

Sewell, M

Sewell, Ronald

Sheppherd, Robert

Simmons, Ian

Simmons, John

Simmons, Ron

Smith, Andrew G

Soames/Solmes, Martin

Squad 1974 Norbury

Squad 4 September 1971

Stephen, David

Stephenson, Geoffrey

Stevens, Paul

Storr, John

Temple, J

Thomas, Doug

Thomas, Phil

Thomas, Robert

Thorn, Jim

Turner, Johnny

Vann, Stewart L

Vassell, Gordon

Veary, Jim

Vine, William

Wain, Colin ( Ginger )

Walker, Leonard Charles

Walton, Rod

Ward, Dave

Ward, Keith

Washington Hall

Webb, Jeffrey Martin

White, Steve

White Watch

Wild, Paul
Williams, Don

Williams, Don

Williams, Mark

Woods, Timber

Woods, Trevor

Wylie, Adam

Wylie, Bill

Aisbitt, Albert Edward (Ted)

Alcock, Fred

Ambler Leonard David

Armstrong, Joseph

Bailey, Frank

Bryant David

Burdett, Bert

Carbin, Kenneth

Carter, Herbert Charles

Cheal, Brian

Daniels, Richard (Dick)

Davidson Cecil

Dodds, Robert (Bob)

Dodsworth, Bill

Dunn, Jim Irving

Dupuis, Malcom (Frenchie)

Durand, Robert John Vincent

Faller, Norman John

Farmer, Walter David

Fatkin, John

Faulkner, Edward Spencer

Fish, John (Jim)

Forster Thomas

Fowlie, Alan

Golden, Andrew

Green, Colin Geoffery

Hague, Barry

Harries, William Rawlings

Harrison, David

Hitcham, Edmund (Eddie)

Hope, Lee

Hull, Gary

Hunter, Ian

Issitt, Cecil John (Tom)

Jackson, Martin (Chick)

James, Ronald (Ron)

King, Mick

Lane, Anthony (Tony) Paul

Lannigan, Rick

Leeper, Raymond

Mcleod, Joseph

Mills, Victor (Vic)

Moir Harry

Mole, Douglas (Dougie)

Neville, Ian Alec (The Gee)

Nicholls, Arthur Edward

Pearce, Keith

Piggott, Frank

Rice, Dennis

Roberts, Robert

Robinson, Michael

Robson, Alan

Rollings, Jack

Routledge, Eric

Saunders, Roger

Smith, Bob

Smith, Charles

Smith, Harold Joseph

Spires, Edward (Eddie)

Taylor, Larry

Thornley, Ben

Turner, Robin Richard (Bob)

Usher Edward (Ted)

Wills, Vincent (Vin)

Wiltshire, Anthony

Wire, Terry

Wood, Trevor

Young, David